Preventative Dental Care

prevent future dental issues with bi-annual exams

Our team focuses on educational, preventative dental care. We take your oral health seriously and do everything we can to keep your smile free of common issues like gum disease and tooth decay. By taking care of your mouth and seeing us for oral exams and teeth cleanings, you can keep your smile healthy and strong, and save time and money by avoiding dental complications.

Your bi-annual oral exam and teeth cleaning at Exquisite Dentistry is the cornerstone of any preventive dentistry program. Contact us at (781) 665-9455 to book your first appointment or schedule online!

routine cleanings & exams

During these appointments, our dentists will check your mouth to ensure you’re free from disease, and our hygienists will clean, buff, and polish your teeth. Your smile will look bright and beautiful, and we’ll remove the plaque and tartar that can contribute to oral health issues, bad breath, and more.

fluoride treatments

During this treatment, a fluoride-rich varnish will be applied to your teeth after a routine dental cleaning. One of the benefits of using a varnish is that patients can eat immediately after their appointment. This treatment is often recommended for children who are highly prone to cavities, but can also be used for adults.

oral cancer screenings

At each visit, our team does a medical history update and reviews any changes (even subtle ones). Even the smallest change in the soft tissues of your mouth will be examined closely. Early detection of oral cancer saves many lives each year, and our team is highly trained to detect even the smallest abnormality.

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